10/7/17 – It’s Good to Have a Plan

It’s good to know where you are going. We are able to visualize for a reason. We are able to see the future for a reason. To plan for things to come. To bring forth what we want to come.

But this capacity can also put us at a disadvantage if we are not aware that we can use it. If we are not aware that we can direct our visualizations, then they will run amuck in our minds, taking us on a whirlwind of emotion. Sometimes we will be very up, sometimes very down. But there exists no moderator. There is no conscious there to take hold an direct the life force.

So we first realize that our true being is the one that is without emotionalism, without thought. That is our base. Once we are identified as this, we can then recognize our thought and emotion. We can realize they emotions and thoughts have no control over us. Then we can use them to our advantage. We can visualize life in accordance to our true being.

This is where having a plan comes in. We are not to wander aimlessly. We all have an indwelling intelligence within us that directs our personality. That is directing us towards our most aligned mundane goals. So we can know our selves, our personalities, and then meditate on what will help us to achieve those goals. We must be careful not to bring about things we are not aligned with. So we must first realize what our indwelling intelligence is taking us towards, and then meditate on aligning ourselves to that.

Everything depends on our ability to be still in the mind. Not to be dead. Not to experience no emotion and sensualism, but to be able to enjoy in bliss rather than in servitude. To not be controlled and pulled by, but to feel as a result of.

This spiritual journey is a great one. It is the moving of our lower self to the higher. It is a great joy. It is a great effort. The path is here laid for us, but it is a vast desert of dark sand. No footprints. But a bottom to walk on, and the innate urge to move forward.

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