10/6/17 – Why Freedom?

Freedom is the most important thing. For anyone. For anything. Not just the freedom to do things like move, speak, and live. But the freedom to be. The freedom to be left alone. To be exactly as we like.

Too many people in too many places try to imprison others. One person and one place is too many. They want to imprison minds, and imprison bodies. They want to make their thoughts yours. Thoughts that only benefit themselves. They want you to be like them. Because they the same are no one but everyone else.

The vicious cycle goes on an on. It will never stop until we stop trying to make everyone like ourselves. Until we stop being mad at others for not being more like us. For not doing the things that we do. And acting the way that we act.

The solution lies not in trying to stop putting prejudice against others. But to stop putting prejudice on ourselves. We have to be ok with ourselves. It is the only way. The only way to accept others as themselves, is to first accept our own selves. When we do this, there is no question of acceptance. There is no imposition of mind and body, there is only peace of being.

We don’t learn by trying to make everyone like us. By seeing things from our point of view. There is no our point of view. You must understand that everything you experience is of you. You think you don’t know the world, but you really do. You are only afraid to admit it. You are afraid that you might be wrong. That the world really is all out to get you. That they are out to hurt you. And if you believe this, then you will be right. But really you are wrong. And you will know that life is as it should be when you accept all.

Freedom for all must be our greatest imperative. For everyone, everywhere. If there is a single person on this earth that is not free, then we are all not free. It is all of our problem, and all of our suffering.

Anyone who is against freedom must be destroyed. Not that their bodies must be hurt and killed, because hate begets hate, violence, violence. But we must be cunning. We must bait those who are imprisoned to step into the light. There are many ways.

Hate is a misunderstanding. It is a sickness that can be cured. And we must be careful to not confuse medicine with poison. We must come from a place of peace. There is no other way. We must not be weak. Not be lazy. It’s easy to destroy. It’s easy to flail emotion. But we will then be waging the war that never ends. The same war that has been waged since creation.

It is time to use wisdom to our advantage. It is time for us to stop reaching out, and start reaching in. The power of the collective is only strong if each individual contains unshakable peace within. Because nothing can destroy an unshakable peace. Not words nor death. The answer is logical. It is rational. Scientific. Bait those who hate. Use their own language in a way that makes them understand. then they will feel the light, and they will be different.

Freedom is not just our right. It is who we are. That’s why we need it. We cannot be ourselves without freedom. Free yourself, then you can free the world.

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