10/5/17 – Words Aren’t Important

The writing of them is. The words hold space in between them. Gaps in space and time.

The words are here to make you alert. To quiet your mind. They are a meditation.

Our actions are not important. But our consciousness is. It is the consciousness behind the words, behind the actions that are important.

Behind this world, all is formless. It is formless when you are alert to the sound of the ocean. When you watch a bird. When the music stops.

Consciousness does not care who you are. Whether you are right or wrong. A sinner or a saint. Consciousness is the light. And it is not concerned with what you do. Because when you are conscious, you will do automatically. You will live in light always.

We instead have been used to being concerned with our actions. We try to do this instead of that. We try to feel this way or that way.

Instead, we must start with freedom of our conscious. We must drop all forms. Become silent minded. Alert minded. When we start here, we cannot take wrong actions. We cannot do harm.

We must stop trying to be like someone.  Stop acting in some way we have heard of. Do what we are told is right. Because we will miss the mark. And we will not be free.

Instead, be concerned with being alert. Don’t act on information and knowledge that is not your own. Be aware. Be free from your mind. You will feel the gaps. You will feel the freedom. And it only takes a taste.

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