10/4/17 – Speak Their Language

We need to learn to speak each others language. Not even literally each other’s mother tongues, but we need to use each others differentiating words to convey universal meanings.

Art is one way to do this. Science another. Spirituality and religion another.

We need to use bait to draw each other in. To draw each other into the universal state of love.

All of the different religions aim at bringing us to the state of love. The state of peace. For attaining heaven eternally. So when communicating with one another, it is ok to use the language of their religion as bait into your message of togetherness.

When you talk about Jesus, you are also talking about Buddha and Mohammed. You only need to substitute some words that mean the same thing universally. Once you figure out the language of another’s beliefs, you can then use their words to convey your message. And they will be so happy to listen, because you are of no religion, but you are praising theirs in a way that they will listen and receive yours openly.

You use religious talk as a metaphor for the underlying message of absolute love. Of sameness in all beings.

Through music the same can be achieved. Music is a universal language. It can be felt and received by anyone anywhere.

Science also brings a universal language. Mathematics are universal. Everyone everywhere can understand and accept science.

Religion is more divided than music and science, but is the most powerful universally. Religion is discovery of the self. We must use bait to tie the universal ideas of the religions together. To realize the sameness in our journeys. To realize that our bodies and religions are the same type of covers. On the outside they look different. But on the inside they are the same.

The bait is your words and the way you use them. Words can mean anything you want them to. Use the ones most relevant to your audience in such a way that you appeal to their current understanding, and once you have them mesmerized, implant universal truths.

Be of no religion, then you may be for all people, and you may be for all religion.

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