10/3/17 – God Is Imperfection

Another word for perfect? Dead.

Something that is perfect is no longer moving. It is no longer growing. It is dead. It is absolute. If God is absolute, then God is dead.

But nothing is life is perfect. Nothing is absolute. Everything is moving always. It is growing always. Even the cities of concrete expand and change always.

Sometimes we may think that we need to find perfection in life to be happy. The we need some type of perfect consciousness to become enlightened. But the perfect consciousness is imperfection. Not realizing this is why we miss.

To attain greater self is always to accept more of yourself. To accept more of everything that is happening. Since the world is change, you must accept change. You must not be stuck in wanting things to be perfect. Since everything is always changing, time has no value. So when time has no value and you know that everything is changing, The outer world cannot burden your unshakable inner peace. When you know that everything is always changing, and that you are that everything, you can accept the state of the world.

Acceptance does not mean tolerance. It means that nothing outside of you has control over you. Nothing has control over how you feel about yourself. You can change your environment, you can speak words, take action, make moves, but that is all done so that you may know yourself more. Not out of spite for some “other” not to try to change anyone else, but to better know yourself. By pursuing knowledge of yourself, the world will change with you and you transform.

So don’t try to be perfect. Understand that God is imperfection. Imperfection is God. Everything is always growing. And to be in a state of growing is to be in a state of imperfection is it not? So keep growing.

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