10/2/17 – Love is Hate

I want to love totally. Love so much that I love even hate. That does not mean that I will have happy feelings about hate. But it will mean that I can continue to look at the world in a way that I am both a part of it and not.

I am a part of it because I move in it. I talk and interact in it. I feel in in. But I am not a part of it in a way that I am floating around it. I am floating around this body and this Earth. So in this way, the creator has met the created.

The base of our being is love. We know this to be true. Love cannot be described with words. Love is light. Love is God. Love is not saying I love you, or describing what you feel when you love someone. It is more pure than that. It is less meaningful than that. Less meaningful in a way that it is so broad and all encompassing that it may as well not exist. Love is very subtle. God is very subtle in that way. So if you can be so subtle that you almost do not exist, then you are more like God. Then you are not of this world, and you are more like love.

Hate exists only as an emotion. It is a doing. Hate is process. Love is not a doing. It is not a process. Love just is. So we can eradicate hate. But we cannot eradicate love. So that is why we can see hate as if it is not of this world. And we can see ourselves as not of this world. Our self is illusory. Transitory. Our idea of who we are is always changing. Our body is always changing. The world as we know it is always changing. The world is in fact, change itself. Our ego is the same. It is a process. It is the future. It exists only there. It exists where emotion exists. Where hate lives. Where happiness and sadness dwell. Love is here right now. You cannot hate in the now.

We can be more loving when we attach less to our future and less to our desire. Because then there is nothing to lose. There is no rush, and no one to interfere. And it may seem that we must attach to our desire. We must look into and think about the future and worry about it and wonder how we will attain it. But our future is just like a carrot on a stick. We run and run after it but will never get there. We never do. And it is pointless to chase it. We get in the way of ourselves when we do this. Instead we must let go of that desire and needy ambition and let the divine take us like the flow of a river. We must flow with the river of the life force and trust that it will carry us. Not to someplace or somewhere. But simply that we will be carried in love. Because the river of life is love.

There is plenty to think about. There are many places to be and many things to do. But just remember that the ego is not something inside of you. It is not an energy with substance. Ego is a process. It is the process of thinking about the future. It is the process of desire. It is like pedaling on a bike. We pedal and pedal and give momentum to the ego, but we can stop the pedaling, and the mind will still have some momentum, but it will stop. So know that you control this pedaling. And that no matter how fast you run, you will never reach the horizon you after. The horizon will keep moving away from you. You can’t even get an inch closer. So why run?

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