10/1/17 – The Same Old Story

There is a formula to story. There always has been. There is an easy way to tell story, and it is very often told. It is told so many times that the people are asleep. They are no longer listening. They know what is coming. And they know what is expected of them.

Year after year, generation after generation, they hear the same things. They see the same things. They know nothing else because that is all they have ever known. But when the story changes, they wake back up. When something unheard of occurs, they will laugh and cheer.

But the story tellers, the ones who have been telling the same story, they will be upset. They will not like that someone has changed their story. They have been doing such a good job to bring back their audience year after year, ingraining the same story time after time again, they don’t like it when a new story teller tries to divert their attention.

And not only divert their attention, but be silly about it! Not only do they change the play, but they make fun of it! And the people will laugh and laugh. They love to see it. They really do.

Life is a play. And you are not just one character. You are all the characters. And you can predict very well what the reactions of the other characters will be when you relate to them, but you can’t be sure of their exact movements. You can be sure of their being. That you are them, and they are you. You can be sure that you are the same in life, as you are in death. That you live in the same place. And die in the same death.

So in this way, life is a fun play. You can never be thrown by the other characters. They can never upset you. Because life is a drama. And the roles are always changing. And in a play, good and bad don’t mean so much. Because in the end, everything ends up in some way or another. And then before you know it, a new drama starts. With the same story, but different characters, different drama. The same life. The same death.

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