9/30/17 – Who Are You Trying to Be?

Yourself I hope. Not Buddha, not Mohammed, not Jesus, but yourself. And they also say, “Be like Buddha”, they want you to act like someone them. But it is best to just be like yourself.

It is best to do what you think is best, because it will be you who chooses it. Then no matter if you are wrong or right, you will be in paradise. But even if you are in paradise, and it was not your choosing, really you will be in hell.

It is difficult to be yourself. Because we are always trying to be like everyone else. We are looking to see what each other is doing. Because if someone else is doing it, then it must be ok. And if it is not, at least there will be someone else there doing it wrong with you, and maybe it won’t be as embarrassing. Or maybe, it won’t be wrong at all. Because when a lot of people do something, it doesn’t matter whether it was wrong or right. We have the crowd to be lost into. We can put the responsibility on someone else.

Being truly yourself, you don’t need to think about what others are doing. Sure they may be doing the same things, but you don’t have to think about being embarrassed. What is there to be embarrassed about? Are you not happy with doing what you feel is right? Do you not think you deserve to do what you like, being that your life is the only one you have ever known? That your way is the only way you have ever really known? Would you blame someone else for doing things their own way? For being themselves?

And what are they going to do if they catch you? If they catch you being yourself? Are they going to make fun of you? And so what if they do? Are they better than you? Those people that you don’t even know? Do they have some kind of right over you and what you do? And what kind of people are they anyway? Those ones that would make fun of you? One’s who obviously aren’t comfortable being themselves. Ones that are so out of themselves that they have to attach to everything they can. They know nothing.

Also, how many times have you seen these people that are looking at you? The ones you are worried about. Where do they exist? How long have they existed before you forgot about them? What did their faces look like? Are they here now? Or are they simply faceless masses of memory, shape shifting in and out of consciousness. Not even real, except for what you have made them in your mind.

Being yourself is just to be natural. It is to be relaxed. It is to feel like every place is your home. Yes, that is right. Make every place your home. Make every person a guest in your house. Be yourself.


photo: poncedeleonphoto.com

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