10/29/30 – Remembering

That is whole point. To remember who we are. That we are not separate, but are one. That we all come from the same place. That we are all the same. You can’t hate yourself. The reason is that you could only hate yourself in relation to others. You would think that you aren’t good […]

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10/29/17 – Are You Good Enough?

You go through life thinking that you may not be good enough. Or maybe you’re past that, and you think that there are others who are better than you. Not “better” better than you, but just people who have had more success, probably work harder, have better morals, something like that. But then again, that’s […]

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10/26/17 – Addiction

What do you really need? What does your person really want? What do you do that does not aid your health? Where is the line? The line lies in your knowing. Not in the specific things that you ingest or you do, but your knowing about how free they make you feel. Things like alcohol […]

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10/16/17 – Ambition

Ambition is our future. It’s what we worry about a lot of the time. Ambition puts us in a place that we want to be. It puts us at some point in time in the future where we have achieved something. Every moment of every day we have a chance to worry about ambition. Even […]

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10/13/17 – Earning It

Everything becomes empty when it’s over used. Words can mean so much. But a stream of them, a stream of words and sentences that sound so good to the ears, that excite your body, that go on and on, will put you to sleep. They can go on and on with ideas. Everyone is full […]

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10/11/17 – All of the Words

It’s funny how many words we use to describe this God thing. How many books are filled with the idea of it. How many classes and discussions and wars have been centered around it. It must be the most important thing. Funny how it is made to be so hard to experience, yet it is […]

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