I really enjoy this recent feeling of non hurriedness. The feeling of not wishing that I was doing more. This used to always plague my mind. I was in a constant state of hurry. I could never do enough. I never did enough. I always wished I could do more. I wondered if I even […]

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Zorba the Buddha. One who is free to choose, and not to choose. One who does not have to be restricted by dogma. One who can appreciate all of life. Who can life the fullness of life. Who can open like a flower. A beautiful flower. And express it freely. Freely without a thought of […]

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So I have been living the best life. I know this because all I know is this life. And I know this just because I know. Because life cannot get better than this. It will get better. But I cannot know what that will feel like. So the thought is pointless. And life can get […]

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Today a nourishing day. I spent the morning at Volunteer Park. My knee was hurting quite much this morning. I didn’t expect to do much for training. But being with Dakotah, a lot of fun and movement was had. We did some partner stretching, then climbed our favorite cedar with a whole view of downtown, […]

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I can’t expect from others what I expect from myself. I just can’t. It has always led to disappointment. And it always will. So I must instead not expect anything from them. Or maybe expect that things will never get done as I want them to. Then I can know that compromise will have to […]

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Today was a productive day. A day of many good things. I did however wake up not feeling so good. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a headache still. I also felt nauseous. It was bad enough where I had to go back to sleep. It may have been withdrawals […]

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Today was a day with a lot to do. With not a lot of those things done necessarily, but good things done. I was able to do most of what I wanted to do with my work obligations. Which was enough because of a hold up on the deadline for those things. Also pleasantly, the […]

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I just got back from a weekend in Spokane with Tyler Cole Matt and Jordan. Cuff Lynx played in the Tinnabulation music festival there and we filmed their show. The whole trip was a ton of fun. Mostly/all ly because of the five of us getting to hang out and explore together. Bestly, we were […]

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A new dimension of aloneness is here. One that I know to be true. One that I am afraid of but feel is right. That I am alone. At the top of sorts. In that there is no one to compare to me. No being that is greater than I. I am no greater than […]

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I met with David at Laughing Buddha to plan my Ausar and Scorpio tattoos. After Orion claimed that he would kill all natural animals of the Earth, Scorpius was sent to kill Orion. Scorpius did just that with a sting to his foot. Orion’s wish at death was to never be in the sky at […]

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