9/29/17 – Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

There are a lot of things that we accept as truth for which we have no basis for fact. Many basic things we believe like the news the blogs the books the tv shows. We think that because we have so much knowledge, we know the truth about things. Very silly things.

There is wonderful story that Osho tells about a time in his youth. He was maybe five or six years old. A Jaina monk was giving a darshan (sermon), and he talked about the seven hells that Jainas believe in. Up to the sixth, there is a possibility of coming back, but the seventh is eternal. So Osho asked him this: “You referred to seven hells, so the question arises, have you visited the seventh? If you have, then you could not be here. If you have not, then on what authority do you say it exists? You should say that there are only six hells, not seven. Now please be correct: Say that there are only six hells, or it you want to insist on seven, then prove to me that at least one man, Shanti Sagar, has come back from the seventh hell.”

Osho later explains, “He was dumbfounded. He could not believe that a child could ask such a question. Today too, I cannot believe it! How could I ask such a question? The only answer I can give is that I was uneducated, and utterly without any knowledge. Knowledge makes you very cunning. I was not cunning. I simply asked the question that any child could have asked if he were not educated.”

Because we know a lot of “facts” we think we know. Or we accept what is there without using our feeling. We use our default conditioning. Because some person is known to be holy, or because they are rich, or famous, or talented, we accept them as great. We think we know them. But really we only know society. We know the society of things. Not people as they are. Not things or places as they are. But we know the society of them.

We think we know ourselves. We are this, we are that. We act like this here, we do that when someone does this. But all of those things don’t have to be. In fact, they are not. They are habits and ideas. In truth we are unconditioned. We are not somebody, we aren’t nobody. We are just ourselves. We just are.


photo: poncedeleonphoto.com

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