9/26/17 – The Future That Has Already Happened

I am writing this for the future. This means that the future has already happened and that the future is pulling this out of me right now. Or is it the past that I remember and is now hitting my consciousness so that I can write what I remember?

I think that we can remember the future. That is why anything we can conceive, we can believe. Anything we can conceive, can happen. Has happened. Will happen. Not exactly as you think of course. Did the past happen exactly as you remember it?

The videos we watch though, are those the accurate past? Not really, videos show only one snap shot of a time. They only show one span of time that is out of context with all the others. They are edited to reflect one persons ideas and their realities. A raw clip will be seen and experienced and felt differently by each person who views it. And when we view a clip from the past, are we not really viewing the present?

The video, words in a book, song; they were unreal to us before we experienced them. We knew nothing of their true existence before we watched or read or listened to them. Even things we have seen and read and heard before, were only ideas before we experience them for real.

And a memory past, is the same as a thought future. They are equally as illusory. The memory past creates the thought future.

The past does not constantly exist in our minds. Thoughts are triggered by the present. Memories are triggered by the present, and the future is triggered by the present.

We focus our thought. And that focus creates our reality. Our memories change by the way we think about them. And our future changes by the way we think about it. There is no doubt, that our thoughts, and our feelings, create our future. There is also no doubt that our thoughts, and our feeling, create our past. The determining factor is our attitude. Our attitude combined with openness creates our ever presence.

The attitude is the worldly base in which we can allow the divine to flow through us. The more belief we have in our oneness, the more open we allow ourselves to meditation. The more we can accept. The more we can let go. The more we can identify, The more transient we become. The lighter we are. The closer the future comes to the past.


photo: www.poncedeleonphoto.com

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