9/25/17 – All Stars Matter

There are many things now, that used to seem silly, that are not silly. Not silly at all. That make perfect sense. Things that I used to not believe in. Because it was not popular to believe in them. They are things of magic, and soft science, and myth. Stories that could not be real, but now have become the most real.

They are metaphors for life that have become concrete and crystal clear. The sun, the moon, and the stars, each their own governing bodies. Each with its own frequency, character, personality, speed of travel, temperature, path, stage of life, intention. Every single one of them.

We used to think that there was nothing in space. That outside of our 200 mile atmosphere there was simply space and nothing more. Now we know that there is life. Infinite life in space.

The sun bursts and flares. The moon waxes and wanes. Our bodies are made of 70% water. The saline mixture in our bodies is the same as the Arabian sea. If the moons phases has effects on the body of the ocean, how can it not have an affect on our human bodies?

24 hours before a solar eclipse, the entire forest will fall silent. Monkeys will come down from the branches and huddle together in silence. More silent than a meditator.

As babies, as souls, we choose when we are born. We choose which bodies of stars we wish to be born under. We choose our moment of conception. We choose our moment of birth. Those stars, and that energy we are born under, we must retain if we are to remain healthy.

Nothing in this life is left to chance. If God were so great, why would he do such a thing? Why would there be a world which could not be experienced in bliss?

And why do we struggle? Why do we fight? Why do we cry? Because it is the only way to experience happiness and excitement. There must be one to have the other. But all of these emotions are not love. Love is our base. The good and bad are both based in love. The good is not really good and the bad is not really bad. These are only words we use to describe emotions.

Good health should not be described as an absence of illness. Health is our default. Just as love is our default. And do not mistake love for happiness, or excitement, or good fortune. Love is pure energy. Unmanifested energy. It is not cute, or happy, or sad, or sick. It is meditation. It is the divine flowing through us with ease, grace, and perfection.

That’s what we are. That perfection. This is our base. This is our greatness. This is what Muhammed Ali means when he says “I am the greatest”. He doesn’t mean greater than someone else. He doesn’t mean greater in relation to anything. He simply means that he is greatness. He is divine. Not him as the individual. But the higher self. The self that cannot be named.

We must believe and trust in the forces and characters and energies of every single thing and place in this universe. It is naive to think that not everything affects everything. That there is no reaction to your action.

If you can accept this oneness, life becomes an ease. If becomes a deep trust. It means that you are in control. And it means that you can let go. That you can leave it to the divine. That you can live heaven and stroll in hell.

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