9/24/17 – The Most Basic

It seems that the most basic of acts, rituals, thoughts, and no thoughts, are the keys to bliss, happiness, and success in life. In success with everything you could ever want.

Yes, the key to getting what you want is not based in the amount of work you do, the career you choose, or the affirmations you tell yourself. But it is rooted in your ability to still your thinking. It is rooted in your ability to let the divine force, the unmanifested energy, Ra, Kundalini, energy, move through you.

It is this unmanifested state of being that we must be in and identify with, in order to succeed. It is the only truth. All thinking, all mental daydreams and fantasies, are not real. Are not true. Yes, use reason, and thinking. Use logic. But know that your daydreams are nothing. they deceive you.

So first we must realize this. That our thoughts are not us. They come and go like clouds. When we move in meditation, we move in truth. This means to move with no thought.

Images are much more powerful than words. Images speak thousands of words. So when we visualize, we must do so in images. Energy doesn’t speak English. But it does speak energy. So in this way, using words helps to arouse our life force. But know that the words themselves are not what creates your reality, it is the feelings that power the words. This is why it is useless to chant mantras and affirmations that you do not truly believe in. This is also why images are easier, and more powerful, to create with.

The most simple things in life are found to be the best. And even if something is very technologically advanced, with many moving parts, you will find that at the base of it’s being it is simple. The arrangement is simple. The idea is simple. Simple does not have to do with quantities or levels of understanding, it has to do with its principles.

The best music is simple. You can know this when you hear an artist that is less than amazing, who tries to cram numerous samples and sounds and beats together, thinking that doing this may show a level of skill. And you will hear the blissful difference in an artist who creates beats that are very simple, repeated many times before, yet have such depth and power and subtle intricacies that feel so right.

It may seem strange the the key to life is in your breath, but it is true. By simply breathing correctly, you mat attain the most high. Yet of course, this concept is so simple, but holds depth of understanding. And at the same time, the answer is right there. Born into all of us.

Life is no secret. There is no secret to happiness. We already have everything we need. Every single one of us and every single thing contained here. All we need is a little bit of information to remember, and a taste of the bliss to enter heaven.

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