9/23/17 – Word of Power

Working is hard. But in a different way. Like how writing is hard. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes a lot to even start. It takes a lot to coordinate an event. To coordinate people. There is a lot at stake.

And an outside may look at the person sitting in the chair, watching, not saying much, and think that they have the easiest job in the world. That oh yes, he is a creative, he gets to live the good life, just being able to sit there, and do something here or there.

They could think that, but they would be missing the mental energy being poured from this person. They would miss the physical aura pouring from this persons soul. They would miss the years of study and practice and mastery of self that it took to bring this energy and aura to that room.

They would not be able to begin to understand they power of his words. Maybe they could begin. Because they could hear the confidence of them. They could hear the authoritativeness of them. The way that the words were being vocalized in a way that is direct, sublime, and reassuring. The feeling would hit their subconscious, yet they would never know how such words could be said as so. Many think that they know. Many say that they know. But those ones, they will never know. And they will never matter.

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