9/20/17 – How to Get Lucky

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” These opportunistic situations you are prepared for are not really luck at all.

Really, there are opportunities happening all around us all the time, yet they are outside of our awareness. The ones that we find “lucky” are able to be acted on because 1. We have the skills to act on them, and 2. The situation has been on our mind, or in our awareness. Therefore we have been looking out for that opportunity in the first place.

An example could be situation like a business meeting where you originally were going in to negotiate a simple deal, but end up reaping the rewards of a much more beneficial deal because the client happens to have a need for additional services that you also have the skills for.

So really this kind of luck is not luck in the traditional sense that it is something that just happens out of the blue. Like lighting missing you, or winning the lottery. This is luck that you create and cultivate.

Directing your mental and physical energy towards your goals automatically brings you into situations that you have the opportunity to be lucky in. The reality of this luck is that by focusing and embodying what you want in life, you create luck. You automatically get yourself into more and more situations that allow for opportunity. The more opportunity you are faced with, the greater chances you have to get lucky and reap additional unforeseen rewards.

People with negative attitudes never get lucky. They are so focused on wondering why nothing ever good happens to them that they never take any action that would put themselves in a situation for something good to happen in the first place.

Positive people, or those who take time to develop skills, and therefore self worth, automatically place themselves in a number of situations in which they can get lucky. Not only because it is in their best interest, but because they have fun doing it. They like to learn and expand, and experience new things.

So the key to being lucky is to have a default positive attitude. You can cultivate a positive attitude by developing self worth. Self worth is created by cultivating a self worth esteeming. This means developing skills and taking in knowledge that you care for, and then using them to your benefit. Doing so will automatically bring you into positive situations with never ending opportunities. At this stage, you are no longer lucky, you are just experiencing life as it should be.

4 thoughts on “9/20/17 – How to Get Lucky

  1. I heartily agreed with you. I don’t believe in luck . We get what we project out there. It is also important to pay attention to the way we deal with problems and opportunities. They both can lead you to wonderfully unexpected surprises.


  2. So true! A negative attitude seems to always lead me to nothing new, feeling unchanged, where as a positive one leads me to serendipitous synchronicity. Where the magic happens. Thanks for the great article!


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