9/19/17 – On Newness

Newness feels good. Being in new places. Seeing new things. Getting new things. Playing with new things. Feeling new feelings. Really, everything is always new. I was about to say that sameness is good too. Because when you go to the same places, you get to explore the intricacies of it. But really, those same places are not the same at all. They are always different. Everything is always changing.

So you can explore the world knowing this. That things are always changing and that you never step in the same river twice. And you can also explore the world with a meditative mind. So that you are never in any place. And every moment is new. You are never identified with the past of how some place was when you were there last time.

Thinking about this now, when you are bored in a place, or when you are not paying attention because you have been there before and your mind is elsewhere, what are you really doing? You are either identifying with something that is false (the past) or thinking about something that most often does not matter. And yes of course, using our memory is useful and automatic and should be lived through as so. But in terms of newness, and child like wonder and exploration, everything is always new. With this in mind, you can never be bored. What’s happening around you is never boring. It is simply you that is bored.

But you don’t have to be, ever. With a meditative mind, you are never bored. You are always engaged. Always in flow. Able to see the world with bliss. Not over excitement. not dullness. But in bliss. In a way that feels good. Feels smooth. Feels fluid.

The key to meditation is our breath. More on this later.

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