So I have been living the best life. I know this because all I know is this life. And I know this just because I know. Because life cannot get better than this. It will get better. But I cannot know what that will feel like. So the thought is pointless. And life can get no better than this.

What can happen that could cause me to have a worse life? No thing can cause this. No thing outside my self can take away my bliss. It is now impossible. The only thing that can take me away from this best life, is myself. But this too cannot happen. I know more of the truth. Too much to ever be able to go back. Every moment I receive more from the well of life.

My only concern is my brain chemicals. They caused me to feel “manic” without my will. Could they cause me to become “depressive” without my will as well? I think that I cannot put my self into boxes. I have felt depression. But I was also not nearly as free as I am now. I had felt nothing like I do now. Another thing not worth worrying about.
I love seeing signals. Rebel signals of people and things that represent myself. That are speaking to me. Les Mills from Survivor Man plays the harp. He also has an amazing show about how to survive in the wild. It’s packed with great storytelling by him, and great adventures and advice. So fitting how I have come to watch his videos. Thanks Cole.

Tomorrow I will see Tokimonsta perform. I think she makes electronic dance type music, but I’m not sure. I know it will be an amazing time. She recently had brain surgery and then made an album after that. I love experiencing true art from true artists.

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