Today a nourishing day. I spent the morning at Volunteer Park. My knee was hurting quite much this morning. I didn’t expect to do much for training. But being with Dakotah, a lot of fun and movement was had. We did some partner stretching, then climbed our favorite cedar with a whole view of downtown, the Olympics, Cascades, and Mt. Baker at the top. We then walked to the cemetery next door to visit Bruce Lee’s tombstone. It wasn’t a necessarily fascinating experience being there. What was more fascinating was exploring the cemetery before that and reading the names and symbols that others’ tombstones had.

I do feel something however for the fact that our favorite training spot, Volunteer Park, is right next to Bruce Lee’s grave. It is one of those right and obvious assurances in life that things are here for me. That divine guidance supports this life. That ancestors and spirits, and the the divine will is here to guide me. That I walk the path. That I may walk the path freely, and with assurance that I may achieve God’s will. Which is my will, in meditation and in love. It helps me to more pay attention to all aspects of what has happened and is happening in my life. I wish to see all as here for a reason. Or at least able to be a reason. Able to be observed and learned from. I know that this is true. That by being alert, and being aware, I open up to the divine flow and allow life to pour through me.

We rescheduled Kong Academy’s filming dates due to a miscommunication of us filming this weekend. A strange miscommunication it was, but I am happy to nontheless feel happy and grateful for it. I will take this time to now work on the Glacier Basic adventure edit and see music. Tomorrow night I may go see a show at the Crocodile, Saturday night I will for sure be seeing Tokimonsta. I chose these bands through intuition. I felt that I wanted to see and feel music, and these acts both called out to me. I love going to shows. These artists speak to me. They feel me. They are me. They are the ever repeating call of the divine. The ever flowing life that repeats reassurance. A bath of overflowing love.

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