Today was a productive day. A day of many good things. I did however wake up not feeling so good. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a headache still. I also felt nauseous. It was bad enough where I had to go back to sleep. It may have been withdrawals from caffeine addiction. I am not sure. But I did feel better after some food and coffee.

I had a great training session at volunteer those morning. Rafe I and Izumi doesn’t some time at the playground jumping around and tail balancing. There were tons of little kids running around. I felt no fear or hesitation in being there. I felt proud to beer a good strong example for these kids. One little girl said to me, “you’re a tough man!” She was maybe two. I replied to her, “Thanks! You’re a tough girl!”

Rafe and I also sparred near the cedars with gloves and shin guards, this was my first time sparring like this. It was definitely more intense and high risk. I took some tough blows from Rafe and was hit harder than I ever have been. I am sporting a shiner currently. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to fight and train and get hit and hit like this. It’s so amazing to feel transcendence of violence in into play. I feel strong because of all of it. I feel robust and confident.

I was asked to get great work done on the efp website. Before I was so frozen and hung up on the way I wanted things to be worded and how it should look like. Now I have let go and trusted myself to make things right. The reason I was never able to do so before is because no one has done what I am doing before. So when I looked to others I could find no answer. Now I have found three answer within my self.

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