Today was a day with a lot to do. With not a lot of those things done necessarily, but good things done. I was able to do most of what I wanted to do with my work obligations. Which was enough because of a hold up on the deadline for those things. Also pleasantly, the work that I was doing went much quicker than I had anticipated. Still I found my self thinking that I should have managed my time better so that I could have gotten more done. I could have taken more direct and beneficial action with my time, rather than squandering it in a thought and visually stimulated stoup. By this I mean spending time on the internet that didn’t really benefit me. Looking and reading things that I cannot remember now. Basically useless things.

A couple of very important things did happen today for the business however. More like we got a couple of things that we needed. A white board was delivered today that will allow us to write down and constantly see our company task list. This will be great for us to remember the work that we need to do each day, and will hold us accountable for doing. No longer should we be able to say that we forgot to do something.

We also bought materials for making storage and access shelves for our gear. Right now, everything is dangerously strewn about. There are batteries scattered, cameras on the ground with no lens caps. Things down stairs, things is this room, things in that room. We need it to be organized so that when time comes to prepare for a job, we know exactly where everything is and how much of we have available so that we can build the appropriate kits for the job.

So organization is something that is very important and critical to me. I don’t take the time to be extremely organized. I don’t currently use a calendar or schedule out my days or weeks. It may mostly have to do with the fact that I don’t have many obligations outside of the work I know I need to do. Frankly I don’t feel the least bit bad about not having many systems of organization. I simply know when I am wasting time, and when I am not. I know if what I am doing is the right task I need to be doing or not. There is always more work to be done. And I know this. So I am always working anyway.

This white board though will help to keep in my mind the little things that need to get done. It will also show others the work that is being done, and the work that is not being done. It will serve as a great way to pressure us to work more.

I finished The Book of Secrets yesterday. It has brought me on an amazingly transformative journey, and I am forever grateful for it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will continue to read and learn from Osho, but never again from the BOS. It is embodied in my soul.

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