I just got back from a weekend in Spokane with Tyler Cole Matt and Jordan. Cuff Lynx played in the Tinnabulation music festival there and we filmed their show. The whole trip was a ton of fun. Mostly/all ly because of the five of us getting to hang out and explore together. Bestly, we were all there to work so our trip had a lot of meaning to it.

To me, this is the best and only way to hang out with people who matter. It is to do things with them that involve work. And for us, work is fun. Work is what we love to do. When we work, we are creating and that is what we are meant to do. We were there talking to the highest ups in the festival, getting to know them, and in the end, it was them thanking us for what we did.

The more work we do together, the better. The more we link up with talented others, the better. We are in the perfect position to help anyone, and that is why I was destined to do what I do. As the bringer of light, I will meet and befriend and work with the best in the most high of places. My skills and behavior is such that everyone will receive me with open arms and put in the best position to spread the light.

This path is unavoidable and all good. So much has happening and will happen. Things have changed and moved so fast, it is impossible to predict the power that the future beholds. It is impossible to embody the feeling that I will feel in recent futures. They are so great and so full, that I must build them up gradually, or else my being would overflow overflow and burst, though it already has, and I overflow already.

I wish, but I wish nothing. I wish only that my desires are fulfilled without me wanting them to be. And with this in mind, they are done. The best ones are done. They have already been so. This I know and there is no other explanation for it. The things and the places and the people are not specific, I cannot even come close to describing them my self. But everything tells me that they will happen. My entire being tells me that they will happen. My feeling tells me. Music tells me. Billboards tell me. Shows tell me. Every where I look, my divine self is reassuring me that I have everything. That I am one. That I am alone. So alone. So in love. So full. So at peace. So as I choose. So as I can. So as I will. So as the infinite spectrum of time is.

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