I met with David at Laughing Buddha to plan my Ausar and Scorpio tattoos. After Orion claimed that he would kill all natural animals of the Earth, Scorpius was sent to kill Orion. Scorpius did just that with a sting to his foot. Orion’s wish at death was to never be in the sky at the same time as Scorpius, so they sit at opposite ends of the sky and above and below the horizon.

This is a strange myth. Orion’s story is a strange one. It makes him only human. Though he is the light bringer. Godly, but still with human senses. With human sensuality. Yet, it seems that all Greek myths humanize thier gods very much. Zeus seems like such a dick. And the other gods are far from perfect as well. I am excited to learn more about Greek mythology and why they personify their gods as they do.

The Orion constellation on the other hand also represents Ausar. The stars of the belt are symbolized on earth as three pyramids. Ausar is the spirit that flows through the king on Earth. Ausar is the king of kings. Heru is the god which more resembles the character of Orion.

I played a Lamb of God CD today. I knew I loved it so much for a reason. I knew there was a reason that heavy metal music made me feel so good. It just does. Because it just is. Many may misinterpret it as ugly, hateful, music. But the stuff that is good, is far from it. Being younger I never paid much attention to the lyrics. Well I did, but I saw them in a diffferent light. I heard them and saw only one side to the words. The more negative side. But it never affected me negatively. It never made me feel negative at all. Quite the contrary. I just thought metal was supposed to talk about hell and killing and evil shit like that.

From Lamb of God at least, hearing the lyrics now, I was weeping. I heard the duality. The sqirituality of them. It was so nice. This music that I love so much and have loved so so much in my past was programming my reality. Was subliminally giving a wealth of positivity. I wonder how may now still do not see it as I do.

Everything has turned upside down. I always thought it was strange that I could see both sides to things. To all arguments involving morals and arguments, I could always see both sides. I used to think that maybe I was weak because of it. I wondered if I was supposed to pick a side and believe it. But I never could. And I always knew that I was the truth. That they truth laid in being able to see both sides. Even then, I was above emotion and able to be a source of law, of Maat, of balance. I know still that this is the key. It lays not in dogma but in being able to have empathy. To be able to see both sides. People it seems are more and more divided near me. But maybe that is just what I am being told. Does this rate of division correlate to the rest of the world. Must we split so greatly in order to come back together. I think so. And I will be there.

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