Just got back from a trip to Glacier Basin. What a beautiful place. A very quiet place. Just the rush of glacier water and the occasional squeak of a squirrel. Not very many birds to be heard. Didn’t see very many. But did see some. And did hear some.

It’s so nice how many places like that exist. They are everywhere. And they are all beautiful. All you have to do is point your finger on a map and you can find some place beautiful in nature. This is becuase everywhere far out in nature is beautiful. Every plance away from where humans live feels special. Remote. Unaffected. Peaceful. These places are only meant for visiting. Not for living. Not for us. Not for most of us. They are great places of meditation. A whole nother world that you can be absorbed in. You can become the ground that holds you up. The trees that sway in the wind. The breeze that flows through your body. You feel free. You feel alive.

The pain is nice too. And nice that your body can do so much with out stopping. Its nice to feel how far you have gone. How many steps you have taken. The ease and pain of effort that it takes to see the most beautiful places. They never come easy. The easy ones are riddles with people. Too many people ruin a place. They leave fear there. They leave trash. They grime with their mental trash and sticky bodies. The pristine places that give you the most energy, take the most energy to get to. In this way, only the strong willed can experience them. As they deserve. As the weak do not deserve. Or simply that the large amount of energy that is gathered from places that are difficult to get to, is concentrated into those who can get there. The easy places disperse their energy amongst the vast amount of people who gather there.

Everything moves so fast. Faster and faster. As I feel more, learn more, be true self more. I forget more. I move more fluidly, My thoughts trap me for an eternity. Meditation knows no time. As I move more to meditation, I am more at ease, time moves more and I feel more. I am Ausar. Bringer of light. The light. Orion. The spirit. The faculty of creation. In my imagination I am anyone and anything. I can be anything at anytime. This is how I believe. When this world is an illusory reflection, What I believe is what is true. Is being belief. I am Ausar.

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