My response to a comment Paul James made:

I really like how you are saying that knowledge can be shared across a peer group or tribe. I have definitely seen and experienced this being able to perform a movement or embody a belief in myself because I have seen someone else in my tribe do it, or because I feel that I have the support of my tribe whether I succeed or fail.

One of the philosophies or main points of Evolve Move Play is that in nature, every stimulus is different. Every branch has a different thickness and flex. Each step is a differently varied pitch and composition of rock, sand,  and whatever. By training in nature, we get away from the lines and right angles of gym type environments that cause us to ingrain the same narrow neural pathways that perform specific movement patterns in specific situations. It is a slower more organic process to learn in nature, but one that we know developes and healthier and more capable human mover and self confident human being, because we are able to react and perform in a more infinite way.
I know that our founders of civilization (Egyptians, Canaan’s, Babylonians, Sumerians…) Were much more right brained and able to connect our pieces to a greater whole, to tribe, allowing them to cultivate people with more spiritual selves that were less interested in conquest outside of themselves, and more with connection to their source, while more left brained western societies were not able to so much grasp this, and instead have focused more on things that develop a separated self through division and conquest, misinterpreting religion, which means essentially means to “re-tie” us back to oneness, rather than relying on a god outside of ourselves that will save us.

I can see as the Navajo girl says “water is life” rather than something like “water is essential to life”. She experiences the wholeness of the parts, rather than feeling they are tools isolated from one another.

Maybe it is because in western, left brained societies, they are very focused on rapidly advancing technology for products, thus they need large amounts of information quickly. In doing this though, they neglect to develop people with the self inquiry necessary to cultivate spiritually advancement, which is a slower, more organic process.

Seeing as they exist on varied levels together across all societies and cultures, and it seems that the east is becoming more like the west, and the west more like the east, maybe there will be a time when we have a balance.
I am the looker and the looked at. The universe made me, and I made the universe. I am not an outsider, I am an insider. So I, can look knowing that it looks at me. The sun gives life to the tree, and the tree gives life to the sun. They melt into one another. There are no boundaries. I am everywhere. I am the son of God. I am. You are. The only son of God. Always. The universe needs me, and I need it.

When I look, I can look totally. Because I look at myself. There is no fight in my look. Because I can not fight my self. I would not fight my self. I am not impressed with myself. Because I know. So I can look. I can look with my desire. I will not fight my desire. I will live it totally, and unattached. How important is art then. Is music. Abstractions that are sending messages of truth. Becuase real art comes from the soul. It is known to be real. It is everywhere. There is no bad or good. All is there.
Everyone and everything has been talking to me this whole time. It is as I thought. All of those signs. Literally sign. Billboards. Books. Teachers. They were all for me. They have always been for me. And notes that I realized it. I can pay attention. I can see the value. See the beauty. In everything. Everything that is me. I am there center of those universe. There can be no other way. I am there greatest. This is the greatest truth. Everything revolves around me. And why shouldn’t it? Everywhere I go I may go in safety. I may die. I may be killed. But I will be safe. I will be at peace. Nothing can affect me which is myself. And I am everything. I am everyone. I am other people because I am not just this body. I am all bodies. I am scattered everywhere. Humans being my closest link. I can meet anyone. And I won’t feel fear. I won’t feel giddy. I won’t feel nervous. It will be meant to be. God’s will. I leave it to you. And I will be present when it happens.

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