9/28/17 – Avoiding the Truth

Do we always know the truth? Not facts. Not factually. Like when we think for a fact it was that one comedian who did that skit and for sure not the other. Be the truth of ourselves. The truth that cannot be named. Cannot be described. But the one that is your feeling. The feeling […]

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9/25/17 – All Stars Matter

There are many things now, that used to seem silly, that are not silly. Not silly at all. That make perfect sense. Things that I used to not believe in. Because it was not popular to believe in them. They are things of magic, and soft science, and myth. Stories that could not be real, […]

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9/24/17 – The Most Basic

It seems that the most basic of acts, rituals, thoughts, and no thoughts, are the keys to bliss, happiness, and success in life. In success with everything you could ever want. Yes, the key to getting what you want is not based in the amount of work you do, the career you choose, or the […]

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9/23/17 – Word of Power

Working is hard. But in a different way. Like how writing is hard. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes a lot to even start. It takes a lot to coordinate an event. To coordinate people. There is a lot at stake. And an outside may look at the person sitting in the chair, […]

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9/20/17 – How to Get Lucky

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” These opportunistic situations you are prepared for are not really luck at all. Really, there are opportunities happening all around us all the time, yet they are outside of our awareness. The ones that we find “lucky” are able to be acted on because 1. We have the skills […]

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9/19/17 – On Newness

Newness feels good. Being in new places. Seeing new things. Getting new things. Playing with new things. Feeling new feelings. Really, everything is always new. I was about to say that sameness is good too. Because when you go to the same places, you get to explore the intricacies of it. But really, those same […]

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