From Metu Neter: “…for love, and expression of the 4th sphere– is a perpetual expression of joy and optimism that is totally independent of external circumstances.

4 is my number. My spiritual, birth, whatever number. It does not matter where it comes from. It does not matter that it is because that is when I was born. It does not matter that there are other numbers for other people born on different days. There are only differences so that things can be distinguished. So the content does not matter, really it is the subjective knowing that matters. Everything has to be something, so it is. But that is not the reality. The reality is the whole subjective. That expresses infinitely. Literally infinitely, because things are always changing. In thousands of years to come, things will look different. The issues we fight about will be different. Maybe there will be no negative issues at all. So what will we think about then? We will not fight, so was the fighting ever a real thing? Were those emotions ever real? They occured, and they were felt. But they were only objects. They were expressed energies that could have never occured, could never have been expressed. Would not have been expressed if the consciousness were at a deeper level.

And what happens if this world is blown to pieces? But there is life somewhere else on some other planet? Would we go away and our consciousness be transferred to its? No. Life was always there. Our life is always everywhere. Death is not an end of life. Because we all have to die, we died the moment we were born. Time is our separation. So without time, we are alive and we are dead simultaneously. You may choose either. But know that they lead to the same place.

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