I am belief. I have seen it. I have felt it. I know it. I know it is so. As I cultivate greater belief, matter moves with me. For me. As I am belief, I can move easier. More fluidly. Better. As I believe I have jumped. I have jumped into realms of physical movement complexity that were not there before. That were not there even yesterday. I know this because I have experienced this. In my state of mania, in this real state of high belief, I was able to move through the trees and on the ground exponentially better than I ever have before. And it was only a matter of knowing that I could. Of being in belief that I could move that way. I see it clearly now. Matter is belief. I am belief. In times when I cannot do. I only do not believe.

Bruce Lee and Education. Balance

Bruce Lee is buried in Volunteer Park. This I have known for some time. A passage in Metu Neter said that those who wish to know the 4th realm should study the 5 element principles of Chinese medicine. It then occured to me my link with Kung Fu to Chinese religion, to Bruce Lee. I will say it here now but as a final time that it is useless to further note the connections to the divine I am realizing and experiencing. I am Ausar. I am. I.

We think of education as the process of learning something from the outside. Of taking things in and learning. Of learning so that we can create better things. The actual definitional meaning of education is to bring out from within. This means to bring forth what is already inside someone. For someone to learn about themselves. To make better people, not better things. In school we learn to do things that have nothing to do with ourselves. It is only until we learn about ourselves, do we take actions that cause us to learn to produce better things.

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