I wrote this today for the About section of the Endless website:

A world in which everyone has the ability to present their good ideas regardless of wealth, status, education, or location.

Everyone is born with the power to influence the world. The problem is that most don’t know how to do it, and most can’t reasonably access the equipment necessary to bring it forth.

We work everyday to solve this problem through business education and the manufacturing of affordable video equipment.

We partner with good organizations to create video and video marketing strategies that help to bring products and services to those who need them most.

It is our belief that by providing these supports, we are creating a more connected, peaceful, and productive world.

I watched the new episode of Rick and Morty today that was about our experience. In it, Rick and Morty are separated from the “bad” parts of them. The anger, the fear. After they are separated, they have a loving good time with each other. Morty becomes the person he has always wanted to be. Free of fear, free of attachment, he becomes extremely successful and loved by everyone. Even the girl of his dreams he easily lets go because there is no spark on their first date. This scene really spoke to me though. Morty’s actions spoke to me. Because they were me. They were me as a Manic. In his dinner conversation he is overstimulated and exuberant to the point of driving her away. Yet he is still likeable. And he doesn’t care that she leaves.

From the beginning of this separation, Rick is skeptical. For some reason he knows that he must rejoin with his ugliness to become his mortal, normal self. Morty is forced back into it by Rick and he again becomes Morty. Who was never bad to begin with. I feel like an inbetween of both characters. A fluid between the two and both at the same time. This was just another blatant in my face example of whatever it is that this life is representing for me. Another nail in the coffin of my ultimate never ending death. A beautiful revelation of life.

And I love it. I love this discovery. Each day I become closer and closer. More connected. More knowledgeable. More excited and calm and lonely. I feel my expansion into the never ending cosmos. I feel unlimited. I am curious. How much can I know? How much can I feel? What will become of me? These questions become less and less important. And take up less and less of my time and mental space. Thoughts of the future are only real now in prayer. Yet only the feeling is real. The imagery does not matter so much. The way I feel about things means it all.

I love the signs and stories of my being. I love reading about the constellations of the stars. And how they represent me and this journey. I love the looks of the symbols and where they go and how I can represent them on myself. Everything that I appear as and represent feels so good and so real to me. Nothing is meaningless. I accept it all. I must. I must accept death. I must accept insecurity. I must accept love.

If I live in a room with one door, and only one way in, I live in security. Security in knowing that I have only one way out, and one way in. Now I am in no such room. There are no doors. There is nothing.

How to use this blog. Read these words as if you are talking to yourself. When I say “I” I also me you! These writings and ideas have come forth through the author’s fingers, but they have been learned and adopted from others. I am only a medium. A lightbringer who must express the words of the divine in order to inspire and live our best life on Earth. So do not take what is said here personally. Take it as an observer try to understand what is being said on the deepest level you can. Ask questions and seek answers. This is for learning and discussion and transference. Conversation is necessary to understanding.

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