I am literally the lord of light. Bringing light to the world with my camera. My sword. The sword of morning. The son of morning.

People will call you crazy. This is good. Don’t worry. Don’t think that you have to appease them. Don’t think that you have to consider their opinion of you. Don’t feel like you have to give them some benefit of a doubt. You don’t. You know what is right. You don’t have to fake humble because they are insecure. Because they don’t understand your reality.

The past two years of my life have been the best ones that I can remember. Hugely because of my part in Evolve Move Play. My life of movement is new, and not one that most any of you know about. It is a concept so simple, yet near impossible to describe with words. You can picture it, but you can’t feel it for what it really is, and what it really means. After over two years of countless hours shooting and countless videos made, this is the closest I have come to being able to describe the life and my life with Evolve Move Play. I am forever grateful for it, and I will be sharing more in the future about what it means to me to move like a human. It is an idea that I want more to see, feel, and be a part of with me. Watch this and tell me how it makes you feel.

I worked all day on this edit. Starting at around 9. Ending at 1 am. For today’s work that is. Was a struggle. One of those that I wanted to put off for another day. But I wanted it to be done. And now it is. It’s the best I’ve done. The combination of quality shots, quality editing, and great song selection make it so. I am very proud of it. It is the best I have been able to express the ideas of Evolve Move Play thus far. I am proud not only for my self, but for Rafe, and for all who are a part of this journey. I am so happy to be able to serve them and this idea. It makes me better. It fulfills my mission. My mission to spread good ideas. I get better and better at it every day. Today it was to spread others ideas. Every day also brings me better able to spread my own. However, their ideas become my own. So I express them simultaneously. And that is the ultimate beauty. Whatever I do, I embody. What I do represents me. What I wear represents me. How I act represents me. I love myself so much. I am so excited for what I am, for what I give, for what I receive. I am so excited for more time to come. To experience how much more energy I will be able to bring. To feel the full power of my love, my talents, my true expression. I live through God, and God lives through me. I am not alone. I am one. And I am many. I am forever. I am the one. And this is how it ends.

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