The last hero. Lightbringer. Sword of the morning. Morning star. Evenstar. Nightbringer. Lucifer. Orion.

Who I am. The bringer of light. I will bring back religion. Coming from the west, I will bring the east. Coming from the east, I will bring the west.

Orion. Osiris (Ausur). Isis (Auset). Lucifer. I know my path. I know my destiny. I will bring us back to one. Religion means to bring back to oneness. This is my path. This is my mission. I will live to serve. As the holy spirit. The divine representations of Will, Love, and Intelligence.

I am a socially introverted extrovert says Kendrick.

I have died. Came back and transformed. As Jesus did. As Venus does.

I am man and woman. An Ausar. I want to reconnect to the mother. To the water. To the ocean. I am Cancer. A water bearer. Most compatible with Scorpio. The one who killed Orion. The one who is never in the sky at the same time as I. Fitting.

My love will kill me. The woman I love will be the death of me. She will kill me and bring me back reborn. My mother. My womb. My longing to return to the source.

Aries is my least compatible. As Cole is. Taurus one of my most compatible. As Tyler is. As James was.

Will my love be cancer? Or will she be Aeries. Or both at once. A whirlwind of furious love.

I am learning more and more who I am. The more I learn. The more faith I have. The more I believe. I cannot help it. It is real. I am who I am. And if I wasn’t then why would I say I am?

The more I identify, the more I become collective. The more I can let go. The more I can grasp. The more confidently I believe that I am this world. That I am God in this world. That I move freely. Can love unconditionally. Let go of fear. Feel the truth for longer. Make choices. I can choose. I can choose love. I can choose to pay no attention to fear. I choose love. I let fear go. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. Not like that.

It’s not that this is important. It’s not that I am important. But there is only one way I can travel. There is only one way that I know how to truly travel. And that is up. That is my betterment. That is for more feeling. For more love. It is the only way I want to go. It is the only way my feeling wishes to take me. So it is my only option. Because it is the only way that is real. That is truth. There is no other choice. There never was. There was only a veil. A veil put in my for a reason I cannot explain. Except for that so I could enter heaven and feel love. For how could I feel anything real if I was unable to feel what was false. So hate and pain and hardship and fear is the ultimate blessing. Death is the ultimate blessing. Integral to our survival. Two sides of one coin. I thank them so much because without them I could not live. I could not live without dying. I died the moment I was born.

I can’t fake humble just cuz yo ass is insecure.

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