I am writing today not because it was a good day (It was a very good day) but because I think it’s important for me to write to you (myself). It is important because I feel that it is and really because of nothing else. Logically does it make sense? I guess so if I believe that my words may help others. But is that really logical anyway? I am writing because I want to help myself learn better in the future. This feeling of being in tune with God and the universe is too great to keep to myself. I really can’t keep anything from myself anyway. This isn’t even for the future really. It is because time goes on, but really this writing is for me right now. Just this act is creating events in the future that will help me to achieve even greater connection. Greater Godliness. Greater peace. Greater bliss. I am lost when I write. I am no where. No one. My consciousness simply comes out as it is. Undirected. Inspired only by spirit. Not my past. I have no past.

So yes, I want someone to read this. I want my ideas now to be observed and appreciated and learned from. But no longer am I doing this for you. It is for me. It is so that I may become better. And maybe you will become better from reading from me. I don’t really care to be honest. Because I already know that you will.

This day was good. I woke up with vigor. Trained at Volunteer Park. My training consists of natural parkour, roughhousing, tree climbing, balancing, capoeira, juggling. Under the mentorship of Rafe Kelley and others. My practice grows and I become stronger and more agile each and every day. I went to Tyler and Cole’s to work. I worked and Cole worked and Tyler doesn’t get home until 11, which at that time I was here in my bed reading.

Tomorrow will consist of waking up to work, and I will begin the Elements course from GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) This is a course designed to improve my overall strength and flexibility. Skills and adaptations that I need to become the ultimate human mover. I want strength, confidence, energy, and bliss from my movement practice. It feels so good to be strong and capable.


5 Great things I did today:

  1. Filmed myself doing a route at Volunteer and posted it to Insta and FB. I feel happy that I am showing others what I do for a physical practice. I want to inspire friends to do the same.
  2. Withstood cold water in the shower. Better than ususal today, I was able to withstand being under very cold water in the shower. Cold water invigorates me and makes me happy. Overcoming or dealing with the cold is beautiful. I love being able to swim in the ocean and lakes of cold water with less hesitation and more joy. The beauties of the water are endless.
  3. Played harmonica. I am listening and playing riffs inspired by Bob Dylan. I love his style of play and lyrics he uses. I am singing more and more and will continue to practice and improve because I love it.
  4. Ate three meals today. For a lot of the recent past I have been skipping breakfast and in general not eating very much. I want to eat more so that I can grow stronger.
  5. Hugged Cole goodbye. I want to hug my friends always. Especially with my guy friends, I need to hug them and touch them so that we can all be better lovers of each other. So that we become less afraid of our sexuality and sensuality and embrace them as normal healthy parts of our lives.

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