From Metu Neter: “…for love, and expression of the 4th sphere– is a perpetual expression of joy and optimism that is totally independent of external circumstances. 4 is my number. My spiritual, birth, whatever number. It does not matter where it comes from. It does not matter that it is because that is when I […]

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I am belief. I have seen it. I have felt it. I know it. I know it is so. As I cultivate greater belief, matter moves with me. For me. As I am belief, I can move easier. More fluidly. Better. As I believe I have jumped. I have jumped into realms of physical movement […]

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When I fear the future. And I fear for doing something in the future. It lays in the simple fact that I feel like I will have to do something that I don’t want to. I feel that I will not have control over my self. But maybe that is only the half of it. […]

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I wrote this today for the About section of the Endless website: A world in which everyone has the ability to present their good ideas regardless of wealth, status, education, or location. Everyone is born with the power to influence the world. The problem is that most don’t know how to do it, and most […]

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Today was a fight between Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather. I was rooting for Conor all the way. I like the way he talks about himself. I like his self love. I know it is not arrogance, but self belief. Something necessary to embody in order to be great. It is nothing personal. He simply […]

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More and more connections are occurring. More and more mounds of evidence. I am never disappointed by the connections. And I never will be. Because the things I seek are the ones that I am most attracted to. The ones that I truly feel I can believe in. There is unwavering faith in my feeling. […]

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A couple of notes from today that I messaged my self while driving (voice dictation): “What you wear is important. Not because of being cool. Not even necessarily because of self-expression. But because what you wear is a symbol and representation of your truest self. What you wear and the symbols that you wear tell […]

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I am literally the lord of light. Bringing light to the world with my camera. My sword. The sword of morning. The son of morning. People will call you crazy. This is good. Don’t worry. Don’t think that you have to appease them. Don’t think that you have to consider their opinion of you. Don’t […]

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This Is About You

This site is about you. Who you are. What you are doing. Where you are going. Why you are going there. What you are feeling. Why are you are feeling so. What you want. Why you want it. What you represent. Why you represent it. Where you can find your self. Where you can lose […]

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The last hero. Lightbringer. Sword of the morning. Morning star. Evenstar. Nightbringer. Lucifer. Orion. Who I am. The bringer of light. I will bring back religion. Coming from the west, I will bring the east. Coming from the east, I will bring the west. Orion. Osiris (Ausur). Isis (Auset). Lucifer. I know my path. I […]

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